Why Private Lending is Smart Business

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It’s been a challenging 2020.

Credit conditions have and will continue to tighten with the banks.

For smart property developers, this means lower gearing and debt levels and higher presale hurdles.

Furthermore, strict interpretation of lending laws has created a bottleneck of finance applications with massive delays in the approval process.

Brokers are saying the banks’ continued vigilance has seen the borrowing capacity of many borrowers curtailed with others being turned away.

This is tough because we all know that TIME is OPPORTUNITY.

Opportunity is MONEY.

And nothing costs more than LOST OPPORTUNITY.

Relationships matter, and I understand we are in the business of people.

Trust is accrued and earned over time.

If you consider the opportunity cost, interest savings and the relationship nurtured, what is the true return on investment for this developer? This sentence is a contradictory.

I am working with a growing number of property developers and have a stellar track record to close out. Certainty of funding is paramount to developers and we are known to perform.

Lending is just as much about people as it is about the asset.

Our success and trust is demonstrated by our track record of successfully circulating $170 million across 53 transactions in the last 36 months.

As the Founder and Managing Director, I am committed to creating lasting value for our clients by being involved with each transaction on a granular level.

I welcome you to reach out to either have a confidential discussion or to simply send me some deal metrics to see if there is scope for collaboration.