Private lending market to double in size over the next five years

private lending five year growth

The recent vaccine breakthroughs are fueling investors to cast their attention beyond the current pandemic, to the long-term opportunities prospects for private lending markets. 


While comparatively resilient, private lenders were not immune to the wider slowdown triggered by Covid-19. The numbers so far point to a dip in fundraising across the industry in 2020, and understandably so. 

During our research conducted during the pandemic and post-vaccine breakthrough, indicates that real estate private lenders still plan to allocate more capital to private financing markets in 2021. Indeed, over the next five years, private lending markets are expected to almost double again in size.

As 2021 begins, we are convinced that there is room for this expansion. Over the long term, the world is moving at very different speeds in terms of demographics and growth.


Private lending is well-suited to this type of backdrop, given a broad range of different return drivers, which can create value in a variety of ways. 


This is especially important in an environment of zero or low real interest rates, which is likely to remain the case for a long time.

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