Why direct line of sight is so important in private lending

transparent discussion private lending

Private lending investors often lament their inability to gain access to the decision maker when dealing with an investment manager.

One important risk often overlooked is the potentially dangerous isolation investors face when dealing with larger private financing managers.

Simply put, bigger funds are not always better.

Size is often characterised by bureaucracy, hierarchy, and client inertia.

Bureaucracy is layered with a junior team with limited financial acumen to understand the scope and vision sophisticated investors need.

They are so blinded by their myopic success that they often become disconnected from the realities of the private lending market.

I’ve seen the reckless exuberance financiers fall folly of.

COVID-19 is no different.

If you’re a lot like me, I prefer to liaise with a decision maker that can take carriage and ownership.

Whilst compliance is embedded in our service offering, it is our transparency that gives our private lenders a continuous line of sight.

The Principals of Vado Private co invest in all private lending deals. This demonstrates a clear alignment of interests.

This is our most powerful hallmark.

We place commercial intelligence and meticulous due diligence at the heart of each transaction with our private commercial lenders and borrowers.

And we can prove it.

Being accessible means true accountability which enhances relationships across the private financing spectrum.

Our agile approach delivers superior returns whilst reducing complexity (and anxiety) because our private lenders want a bespoke approach to managing their money.

Right now, as investors are caught between the craving for ROI and capital preservation, private lending is emerging as a mature asset class in itself, one which has a viral potency against inflation.

In the last 38 months, Vado Private has circulated more than $150 Million into the private lending market across 53 transactions.

If you would like to have a confidential discussion about our due diligence process, annual returns or receive a copy of our Information Memorandum, contact me today.