Our Approach

Commercial services are at the core of Vado Private’s business. We are always seeking new and innovative ways to help make the borrower’s experience as efficient and profitable as possible. Vado Private seeks to understand a client’s entire financial position before making recommendations.

While we may be soft on sales, we are strong on conviction – if we believe an opportunity has merit, we will ensure that borrowers have a full understanding of how the privately funded debt facility can work. Vado Private discloses, in writing, all fees and service expectations, and prioritises client confidentiality in compliance with the industry’s rules, regulations and standards.

Our Process

Vado Private manages the entire loan process pre and post settlement including:

  • Origination of new loan applications
  • Borrower and property due diligence
  • Borrower and Guarantor credit checks
  • Instructing and managing panel approved Valuers
  • Instructing and managing panel approved Quantity Surveyors (construction loans)
  • Instructing solicitors, certification and settlement
  • Managing loan repayments
  • Issuing loan statements
  • Managing progress payments (construction loans)
  • Facilitating loan variations and restructures (sub-division/consolidation plans, loan extensions etc.)
  • Discharging mortgages