Schedule Line Date Outside Scheduling Agreement Validity Period

The error occurs when the buyer releases for the first time a quantity of sketched material (initial version). Forecast and JIT are two types of release from the delivery plan. The default settings for the MIGO transaction should be set to “Always show all items”. With this parameter, the MIGO shows you all the points of your calendar, even if the date of your ranking is not yet reached. Condition: at least one classification must have been established at the position level. In this case, you can manually enter the quantity received at any time. If you select a different output number from the previous output number, change > Select Item > Fore.DlSch or JIT DlSch > Dlv.schedule filed. You can create delivery plans with or without declassification documentation. With release, documentation is advantageous, because in this case you have sent a supplier a record of the delivery plan information that you can view at any time. 173 Validity period Departure date Equal departure date validity period End date 789 Validity of the data set outside the contract validity period This service allows the following operations for delivery plans of delivery plans: The delivery plan entered has already been approved, that is, it corresponds to the delivery plan of the previous delivery plan. In the Dynamic Selection screen, I remove the Start and Finish Validity option. In the Start of validity field, I selected the “Larger than” option in the selection option (F12) and the date is 19/01/03. In the End of validity field, I selected the “Less than” option in the selection option (F12) and the date is 20/01/03.

When the release of FRC and JIT calendars is established, the system only processes FRC sharing, JIT does not process The system uses two types of sharing in the distribution plan: We create a delivery plan for a material and maintain the delivery plan for the day 10.06.2006 and the delivery volume is 1000kgs, we have the grn in T.code MIGO on 10.06.2006 the error message is displayed “PO 55xxxxxxxx does not contain an article”. Can explain how to configure Contract po with Schedulingagreement for Consignment Scenario. New distribution plans established for the same party sold, but which did not delete or refuse the old sales plan contract. System Response: The system stops processing the EDI message If reprocessing fails, contact the company`s users to ask them to establish a new distribution plan. 171 The beginning of the validity period is more than one year in the future The key to the delivery plan is not set at 1, 2 or empty. I followed in your footsteps, but I did not have the SA. In my SA is the validity date of 20/01/03, the validity date is 20/01/03. In this case, internal information classifications are deposited in the system, i.e. the message is not automatically sent to the supplier unless you issue a release of the delivery plan (forecast or JIT delivery plan). Select the document type as MOTORHOME for a framework agreement. Enter your material number, artwork, and registration…

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