Sample Of Building Contract Agreement

19. The mobilization advance of Rs 7,00,000.00 (only seven rupees seven lakhs) (fill in the indicated withholding tax) is agreed by the owner, To pay the contractor, Vide Scheck # ____ Construction must be carried out in accordance with local construction guidelines. The contract should contain drawings and specifications approved by the competent authority. The details of the authorization granted by the local government should also be mentioned in the agreement. A house construction agreement must be made before proceeding with the actual work, as it mentions the extent of the work that must be carried out by the contractor and the payment steps that must be released by the owner. c) Notwithstanding point 12 b) above, the architect may authorize in writing, with the prior written permission of the owner, the maintenance of such defective materials and / or works with the agreement of the owner, and he must set the lower prices or prices that they deem reasonable and that are binding on the contractor. 1.2. The Contractor is a duly authorized general contractor in good reputation, license #[LICENSE NUMBER], with contact details as follows – 5.2. The contractor shall keep, throughout the duration of the construction contract, all the authorizations and legal authorizations required to carry out the work necessary for the construction project. To the extent permitted by law, the Contractor may, after prior notification from the Owner, subcontract parts of the Work to duly qualified and licensed subcontractors and ensure that immediate and correct payment is made to such subcontractors in order to prevent pledges from being placed on the property. We, the signatories, have agreed to read and acknowledge this contract, which is bound by its general conditions of sale.

D. Non-payment on the due date results in an offence. The contractor has the right to stop construction if payments are not made. 9. The contractor shall cooperate with other organizations involved in the work of the building. . . .

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