Illinois Legal Separation Agreement

Many religions forbid divorce. Sometimes the personal beliefs of individuals make divorce an unattractive or even unacceptable option. For people whose religious or philosophical beliefs make divorce a taboo subject, the separation of rights can be a means of ending an unhealthy marriage without undermining those beliefs. Illinois allows for separation, but this is an option in Illinois, but they are rarely used. Depending on the circumstances, a separation after separation could be a better outcome for you and your family than a divorce. Talk to a competent family lawyer in DuPage County to discuss the differences between the two options before proceeding with legal action. Call our office today at 630-653-9400 to agree on a free consultation and find out if a non-dissolution separation is the best for them, the best plan is a separation without dissolution easier to acquire than a divorce, a reason why some parties decide to separate before divorce. Most importantly, the legal separation actions in Illinois do not have a residency requirement. A separated spouse who is not responsible for the separation can file an application for legal separation and thus acquire many of the remedies available in a divorce action. The application can be filed in the riding of the other spouse or in the county of the spin if the other party cannot be found. If your spouse does not live in Illinois, you can apply for separation in the county where you live.

Divorce is a life-changing stage. Legally separating your spouse may be like life changing, but it may feel less definitive. For the couple who are not sure that divorce is the right thing to do, a separation can be a way for them to gain the space and perspective they need to see if it is time to end the marriage. Find additional support: you and your spouse can probably try to keep your separation a private matter. While this is understandable, it can be difficult to manage your emotions without outside help or assistance. Consulting a neutral third party can prevent the opinions of your family and friends from taking your decisions into account. Marital counsellors, therapists and psychologists are professionals who can help you manage your emotions during this emotional time.

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