Gym Locker Rental Agreement

When renting a safe in the Rec, all users agree: For all policies and procedures regarding the use of daily instructions, please refer to the FitRec members` manual. Each floor has designated lockers for those interested in “daily-only” lockers. Members can use their own castles or rent one for free in the Pro Shop. Day lockers that are not cleared before the end of the working day are emptied by the staff of the fitness and recreation centre and are kept in the Pro Shop for up to 30 days. A $10 fee is charged for the recovery of the lockers. The lockers can be rented monthly. Please note our Rental Locker Policies below. Stop contacting the front desk for more information or to file your completed lease form. You can cancel your locker rental before the 25th of the current month for the following month and there is no cancellation fee.

Members can complete the cancellation form online. Please note that the deposit and towel service cannot be combined as a payment. Each service is charged separately and a credit card is required to pay for your locker. All lockers are distributed on a first come, first served basis. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Locker rental contracts are valid for at least three months. EFT locker contracts are automatically renewed from month to month after the initial term until the tenant resigns. You can cancel at any time after the original term by filling out a Locker retraction form. Locker`s lease and the affiliation agreement are separate contracts and, as such, the conduct of one has no influence on the other. Members and guests must provide their own castles. Chelsea Piers Fitness Management reserves the right to remove the locks one day after the expiry or cancellation.

Never leave valuables in lockers. Chelsea Piers Fitness is not responsible for items stored in lockers during the rental period or after the expiry date, nor for losses due to theft, vandalism, fire or other circumstances. Food should not be stored in bins. Chelsea Piers Fitness reserves the right to cut the perimeter of a rented locker to remove and store items if the locker is suspected of having particularly odorous or harmful contents for the cleanliness of nearby lockers and for the general safety and health of other members in the locker room. Items must not be suspended outside the locker as a courtesy to other members and must receive the status of the lockers.

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