Citizens Bank Account Agreement

You agree to reimburse us for any costs and fees (including legal fees) incurred for any action involving your account if (i) we are the dominant party or (ii) the purpose of the action is to determine the ownership of the account or to settle disputes concerning the account. We can charge your accounts without notice. Your responsibility will be in solidarity. This agreement can be amended from time to time by publishing the new terms of use on the site. All users agree to be subject to this agreement because it changes from time to time. Sometimes, when you write a cheque to buy something from a store or to pay an invoice, the merchant or service provider (the “trader”) can use your cheque as a source document to launch an ACH debit station for the amount of the cheque, instead of sending the cheque itself for payment through the banking system. This procedure is called “electronic verification conversion.” Electronic cheque invoices via the ACH system can be debited to consumer accounts and to certain commercial accounts eligible for cheque conversion (i.e. those that do not contain additional scope in the MICR line of their audits). You agree that you are in the best position to detect errors or inconsistencies in your account`s activities, including, for example, an item reflecting a false or incomplete deposit and/or an item containing an unauthorized signature, which does not contain a required signature, does not contain incorrect approval, does not contain necessary approval, constitutes an unauthorized payment, is modified or is other (together an “irregular article”).

You agree to review your statements and any communications without delay and carefully. A statement or notification is considered correct unless you immediately provide us with an irregular item after the statement or notification has been provided to you. Notwithstanding the contrary provisions, you accept that we are not held responsible for an improper purpose if: (i) you have not demonstrated speed or due diligence in reviewing the statement or disclosure, or (ii) do not report the irregular object to us within thirty (30) calendar days following the date: when the earliest statement or notification of the description of the object or irregular object itself has been sent or made available to them, or (iii) the irregular object has been falsified or altered, so that an unauthorized signature, unauthorized approval, modification or other such irregularity could not be detected by a sensible person. In addition, you accept that, if we are not responsible for the payment of an irregular object due to the application of the previous rate, we are not responsible for the payment of other items in an irregular situation containing an unauthorized or initiated signature or modification or created by the same criminal, whether in connection with the same account or other accounts.

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