Certified Agreement For Teacher Aides Nsw

To learn more about teacher-help jobs, courses and other relevant information in NSW and ACT, it is recommended to read this article. Teachers working part-time are paid on a pro rata basis. For example, someone who works 2 days a week can expect to receive $390 a week or $780 a two weeks ($30 x 6.5 hours x 2 days). In most cases, teachers working part-time or full-time are paid during school holidays. This is due to the fact that they receive an annualized salary. Although teachers only work 40 weeks a year (roughly), they are paid for 52 weeks if they have a 12-month contract. The 11-12 weeks of vacation per year is one of the main reasons why many people, especially mothers, become teachers. What you can expect as a teacher depends on your salary level.

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