Cancel Rebate Agreement In Sap

The process of reconfiguring discounts in SAP SD consists of ten steps: the discount contract now has an open provision that I cannot access since it informs me that the agreement has the status of “final statement”. Below the net worth of the item, we must place the types of discount conditions. Since the amount of the rebate is calculated on the basis of a discount, while the conditions for the rebate are inserted in the procedure of the `von` box, we specify the `level no“ of a rebate base. The reduction contract is awarded to status C (constituted statement). The types of discount agreements concluded in SAP SD are as follows: the system uses a credit requirement to remove provisions established on the basis of the discount contract. You can view the credit request for the discount agreement on payment receipts > discount receipts. Validly proposed by/proposed for Specer the standard validity periods that the system automatically proposes when creating the reduction agreement. The default setting applicable from the date is very important whether or not we offer a retroactive discount. .

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